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About Unicorn Fiber Arts

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Unicorn Fiber Arts sells fiber arts supplies and kits, fiber related items, brewing kits and materials, and other cool stuff we enjoy doing.

Unicorn Fiber Arts is a business owned by Tim Coyle (aka Master Timotheus Zacharia van Schloss Zwilling) and Debbie Coyle (aka Dame Lynnette de Sandoval del Valle de los Unicornios).

From 1989 to 1998 we did business as House of Zacharia and sold baskets, candles, and self printed publications.

In 2008 we resurrected House of Zacharia as a collective of House of Zacharia Press (managed by Tim) selling self published books on brewing and historical topics, and Unicorn Fiber Arts (managed by Debbie) selling handmade items, craft kits, and Tim's brewing kits and items.

We sell at Society for Creative Anachronism Living History events in Southern California, at Griffin Dyeworks events, and online on this website. Check out our upcoming shows

Tim is a Master Brewer and a Senior Judge in the Right Noble Brewers Guild of Caid.

He's been brewing since 1972, and has brewed 500+ gallons of mead, wine, liquor, beer, and more.

He teaches classes in beginning, intermediate, and advanced brewing and judging; as well as a number of shorter, brewing related classes.

He is the author of Don't Panic: A Beginners' Guide to Brewing. For more brewing info, visit our brewing page.

Debbie Debbie Coyle has been involved with fiber arts for over 40 years.

She teaches weaving (inkle and card), knitting, cross-stitch, spinning, kumihimo braiding, lucet cord making, potpourri, bath salts, and flavored vinegars, but she also enjoys crochet, needlepoint, Tunisian crochet, embroidery, beading, and loves learning new techniques.

She can be found teaching crafts classes to all ages, including many classes at Griffin Dyeworks’ annual Fiber Retreats and one-day Fiber Frolics.

Within the Society for Creative Anachronism, she has been received arts awards for kumihimo, lucet, inkle, herbal usage, brewing, and weaving. At the LA County Fair, Debbie has been recognized with blue ribbons for knitting and weaving, and red ribbons for spinning and crafting.

To supply those many students with the proper materials, Debbie turned to making her own knitting, cross stitch, and kumihimo kits, and selling other fiber supplies.

Merchant Partners

At our sales events we sell items for some friends of ours

AEP Logo

Ancient Earth Pigments - Run by John and Bjo Trimble. John is the Fulfillment Department, while Bjo writes the tutorials and blogs. She is also a talented artist, quilter, dyer, and illuminator (painter of scrolls with period pigments).

She believes that knowledge is to be shared with everyone and her classes are centered around natural pigments and use of dye extracts as pigments, and block-printing fabric.

They are well acquainted with the products they sell as they use them on a regular basis, in projects and classes. They include well-written instructions that make it easy for beginners to get started with colored earth pigments.


Biggest Lamb Dyers in Lake View Terrace - Run by Kristin. She raises sheep and alpacas (along with horse, chickens, peacocks, and more!). She is an accomplished spinner and dyer, teaching classes in both as well as several other fiber arts.

She sells her sheep's wool in natural colors (white, gray, and black) and many wonderful hand dyed colors.

The wool is sold in bags of 4 ounces, sometimes including a silk scarf dyed in the same color pattern. Which when spun up is enough for a hat or scarf.

GTW Logo

Garb the World - Run by Julia - She has been involved in recreation groups and costume research for many years.

Garb the World is one of the oldest costuming stores on the internet. Their clothes are all Made in the USA, providing jobs for local historical reenactors and stay-home moms.

They offer hundreds of outfits that can be customized to your specifications and size. They fit all body types and specialize in large sizes.

GDW Logo

Griffin Dyeworks - Run by Theresa - She has been involved in dyeing and tons of crafting for many years.

She strives to bring you the best quality ingredients at a fair market price, as well as bring the natural world to your crafts! Her wares include: dye kits, kumihimo kits, silk scarves for dyeing, spinning and weaving tools, and other fiber arts toys!

Griffin Dyeworks also holds the greatest Dye and Fiber Reteats, and Fiber Frolics!

GriffinCliffe Designs - Run by Therese. She is an accomplished spinner and weaver, teaching fiber arts classes and selling her hand spun and woven wares at our booth.

She is our partner in crime. Sometimes you see her running the sales booth, or Tim, or I, or all 3 of us ... depending on who's available when.

She teaches spinning on the wheel and drop spindle, how to spin exotic fibers, dyeing, and paper/mixed art techniques.

She hand dyes, spins, and weaves the greatest stuff! Her handspun and woven bags (pictured above) are a best seller, and her handspun yarn is truly lovely!

Unicorn Fiber Arts
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