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Brewing Books

Publications by Tim Coyle

Tim Coyle has been brewing since 1972. He’s brewed 500+ gallons of mead, wine, liquor, beer, and more. And teaches classes in beginning, intermediate, and advanced brewing and judging; as well as number of shorter, brewing related classes. He is a Master Brewer and a Senior Judge in the Right Noble Brewers Guild of Caid, part of the SCA, a living history group. Where he’s known as Master Timotheus Zacharia von Schloss Zwilling. Visit Tim's brewing page at Brewing.HouseZacharia.com

Don't Panic: A Beginners' Guide to Brewing
-- OR --
What NOT to do if the Yeastie-Beasties push the cork out of the bottle
By Brewmaster Tim Coyle

2008 Revised and Updated Edition

A home brewing guide for beginners that covers a number of subjects that often puzzle beginning brewers: Wine making, Liqueurs, Fortification, Selection of ingredients, Aging, Labeling, Fixing problems, and many other topics.


Introduction to Mead & Wine Brewing Additives
By Brewmaster Tim Coyle

A 6 page introduction to the additives needed for brewing basic wines and meads. Covers yeasts, flavorings, cleaning agents, acids, and more.


Brewing Books

Winemakers Recipe Handbook AKA “The Purple Book”
by Raymond Massaccesi

"Filled with over 100 easy-to-use tested recipes and profuse with identification and selection of plants and fruit for winemaking. Contains more facts than you'll probably want to know."

Tim's recommendation for a new brewer ... make all of these recipes and you'll know all there is to know about brewing wine and mead!


Other Brewing books at our Amazon bookstore

Brew Pubs

History Books

Books by C. J. Phelps

C. J. Phelps (aka Cynthia Lloyd of High Tower) was a great fan of the Medieval recreation, costuming, and history. She wrote several incredibly well researched and detailed books on life during the Tudor period and a lovely book on the history of beads.

The Venerable Bead
By Lady Cynthia Lloyd of High Tower

Being an overview of the history of beads, their uses, historical bead materials and types.

23 pages


Tudor Times (series)
By Lady Cynthia Lloyd of High Tower

Being a Compendium of Information, Place-Names, Social Customs, Arts, Crafts, and Sciences, And their Histories . . . As practiced in this, The Sixteenth Century, In the Realm of England . . . Including Information on those Countries Whose Trade and Society Doth Affect The Lives of the English People

Volume 1: General Society

The social customs of the time, particularly centered around England, appear here. This section includes notes on everyday life: food, housing, customs, and occupations. Games, sports, and recreation are included here for a better understanding of the celebrations so necessary to human life. 127 pages.


Volume 2: The World

Items pertaining to the world as a whole are described here. The fine arts of music, theatre, and art accompany law and religion. Trade is described as it occupies the lives of both merchants and customers. 107 pages


Volume 3: An Overview of the Sciences

Many sciences find their beginnings at this time, while others have been in existence since times immemorial. These pursuits are included here. 109 pages


Volume 4: Manufacturing and Mass Production

This section describes the production of physical goods. The variety of manufactured items spans beverates and their glass containers, textiles and metal tools. These pursuits are investigated here. 161 pages


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