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Needle Minders

Needle Minders

    Needle Minders

Needle minders are very cool things! While sewing, when you put your needle down, the needle minder keeps it it close at hand where it won't slip down between the couch cushions, on to the floor, or where ever they disappear to.

The minder includes two magnets. The minder goes onto the front of your fabric, the other magnet goes behind to clamp the minder onto your fabric at a convenient place, ready and waiting for your use.

This is NOT a kit, the Needle Minder is complete and ready to start holding your needles!







Black w/ Sparkle Dots

Brown w/ Sparkle Dots

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Yellow w/ Sparkle Dots

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Needlebook Kit

Cross Stitch Needlebook Kits

Needlebook Kits

Carry your needles and pins in a convenient and handy needlebook. It includes a loop to keep it handy by hanging it from your chatelaine or other sewing accessory.

The soft fabric pages are perfect for holding needles of all sizes. For the organized ones among us, you can write the needle type / size info on each page.

Decorate the cover with your initials (chart included) or favorite design!

  • Skill Level: Intermediate Beginner, needs to know how to cross stitch and hand (or machine) sew a running stitch.
Kit includes everything you need to create the needlebook:
  • Cross stitch charts:
    • 2 alphabets, 3 borders, and embellishments
  • Fabric and tools:
    • Cross-stitch fabric for needlebook covers
    • Ribbon for needlebook ties
    • Flannel for needlebook pages
    • Embroidery thread and needle for cross stitch
    • Sewing thread and needle for needlebook assembly
    • Instructions for needlebook assembly
  • Notes:
    • Kit colors vary, we can't assure which color ships on each order
    • Cross Stitch instructions NOT included
      check out DMC's instructions

Cross Stitch Needlebook Kit


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